[Scribus] Scribus ease of use

Gracia M. Littauer gracia
Sat Jul 29 18:35:34 CEST 2006

Yo Peter N.

> > box; you call it a text frame, I call it a column; you call how to
> > make
> Hold it there, a text frame is NOT the same as a column. A text frame
> can have several columns.

what's the matter, you don't like Fred Astaire ;^) ? 

BUT my comment caused you to write a CLEAR description of 
columns/frames. Now, was that so hard??

BTW I can't believe a 'professional' makes a perfect design each & every 
time & would like some flexibility even in a 'professional' program. 

I still think clear explanations of each tool is needed...including how 
the 'the great unwashed', might express their needs when hiring a 
'professional for a design job or Heaven forbid, use Scribus for non- 
or semi-professional work. 

I'm still working on 'shape'. I'm sure it has it's use...I just haven't 
found it yet Don't tell me, I love the torture!!

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