[Scribus] default text font

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Sat Jul 29 11:35:12 CEST 2006

I have been on vacation for two weeks and came back to a HUGE pile of mails in my Scribus-folder.

I think the below comment (which was not realated to the "Why do?"-thread) really hits the nail:

> Hm. I find it actually useful this font is selected by default. It reminds me 
> to define at least two paragraph styles (text,heading) by default. ^___^

Scribus is for professional layout. A professional layout is PLANNED and structured. You define styles, you decide on page designs etc. This is where Scribus targets. In such a work you never get to the point where you want to "get several columns on a page".

If you want to make a "quick" layout, a simple flyer etc, other tools probably are faster. But Scribus is not mainly intended for such "quick and dirty" jobs. It CAN be used for them, but it becomes harder.

I can see it when people work in MS Word at my work. They write the text, then they enter som extra empty lines to wrap the beginning of a paragraph to the next page, they mark headings as bold etc. And maybe they realise that two columns would look better and change the layout to two columns.

But, again, that is not the way to work professionally with layout. A layout is created independantly of the content, not based on the content.

As a beginner I like to use Lorem Ipsum to get the right feel for the layout, but I understand that most professionals just draw boxes and lines with a pen on a paper, and then they duplicate the result into their layout software.


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