Configure script doesn´t recognize new freetype-PART2

alexandre suzuki alex_o_suzuki
Sat Jul 29 02:07:17 CEST 2006

I did dpkg -L libfreetype6 and dpkg -L
to output the files installed by the two packages,I 
also did find / -name "*freetype*" to verify if there
were two freetype installed(one older,other recent).
So,I only have the files corresponding to the latest 
freetype(2.2.1,I upgraded to 2.2.1 version).
All upgrades of freetype I have done I have used the 
standard Debian packaging tools so everything should
OK,but it?s not OK.
I generate Scribus documents which seem OK in terms of
fonts(print and display with Adobe Acrobat Reader
far).I?m trying to understand the implications of what
is happening with the configure script saying that it
compiling for the older version of freetype(which I 
surprisingly don?t have in my system-not even a trace 
of it).
The problem happens with Debian packaging or with
./configure make make install,so it?s not a problem
of de Debian .diff,it?s probably a problem in my
or with the configure script that comes with the
original sources.
Any ideas to surpass this?Or,in fact,Scribus uses the
latest freetype despite saying (when compiling) that
it uses the older freetype,and I don?t have to worry 
about it?

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