[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.3 thanks

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Fri Jul 28 07:25:52 CEST 2006

I bit the bullet and spent a couple of hours downloading ver 1.3.3 and
compiling it.
I sat out of curiosity and watched the ./compile, make, make install
lines flash past and it occurred to me what a monumental job the
programmers actually do, there are many hundreds of lines of code in
just the make files let alone getting the actual program to work, so
bottom of my heart Thank you.
What a treat it was going to 1.3.3 some things are much faster than before.

I found a glitch that may or may not be relevant but here goes. I use
FC4 and have no other programs running.

I was working on a beginners, beginners tutorial for  some friends and
found that if I
include an image frame, deleted it and added another image frame in the
same position with the intent of making text flow around the image box,
I could not get the text box red dashed line to reappear on either box,
there was a dull gray frame but no way to manipulate the text box and
the Properties Pallet remained gray and unselectable. I selected <Text
flows around Frame> but it did nothing until I shut down <Properties>
I shut down Scribus and restarted and could select and manipulate the
text box and image box , the red dashed surround was back, and the
properties pallet was useable for both.
It may be a hardware fault but I thought I should let you know.

Another thought that may placate those who want similarity between the
Editor and a Word Processor.
(It's possible to edit text in a text box by double clicking in the text
Instead of opening a seperate window which contains the text Editor, on
top of the work face, would it be possible to simply open the text box
for editing, just put those Editor Icons and processes in the Properties
Pallet under <Properties><Text><Edit Text> in a sub pop up like the
<Properties><Shape><Edit Shape> and make the red
dashed lines green or some colour to signal 'editing in progress'.

If I made an image of this idea in Qt where would I send it to.

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