[Scribus] It's what people don't tell you...

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Jul 26 11:03:48 CEST 2006

> There is the further issue that if it is done directly in Framemaker 
> other technical writers can work on it without destroying the layout, 
> which often happens with Word. An additional benefit of working directly 
> in Framemaker is that one can use (and keep track of!) text inset 
> boilerplate from a standing document maintained by someone else. Change 
> it once in one place and import it into as many documents (at IBM there 
> were 300+ documents that needed a few standing elements in the unit I 
> was in) as need it. In the same manner one could use conditional text so 
> that Model A got text that only included features related to it, but 
> Model A+ got the conditional text that included the extra features of 
> the A+ line. One document, one set of corrections for the base features, 
> and yet two different, if related, finished books. And books they are, 
> anywhere from 70 or so pages to 800+ page sleeping pills that are sent 
> out to printers to do runs from 25 to 25,000. They all looked the same, 
> they all had the same structure and layout. Plus you could send the 
> output directly to the web, help files, PDFs, or whatever was wanted.
>  From some of the stuff I had been told about Scribus I was under the 
> impression it was moving in that direction. I guess I heard wrong.

Scribus is moving in many important directions, however you still seem to
forget the fact that most of us actually have some life outside of it,
including working. Theres about 8 of us coding... things take time. User
docs get written after an area is complete. Anyone with the right skills is
welcome to offer to help.


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