[Scribus] Popup insert window ?? for columns ??

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Wed Jul 26 08:30:50 CEST 2006


It would be so much simpler for the user, old or new, to be able to go
to the Insert menu heading and select Columns.  A window opens, ok, how
many and what gap?

I get the feeling I'm missing something on this thread.
Why would one go to an <Insert> menu when what you want is in the 

I can't use like I want too? Another thing, since you brought it up, I 
didn't, as I suspect many here didn't or still don't know, the text 
frame columns were there until someone mentioned it! How intuitive is that?

What is it that you want to do, I suspect that as I did originally, 
newcomers want  windows familiarity, that is not gonna happen,  in Open 
Source products you will get a totally new way of things. All the 
functionality at your finger tips but it will look slightly different.

May I suggest, take a much closer look in the <Properties> pallet, "things relating to the properties of what we are working on"  are there. It should be called the  "Swiss Army Knife" of text box manipulation, the only things it won't do is make coffee and phone the publisher. (given enough time those will probably be included)
Scribus is immediate, it's there as you are working.
The only initial  planning in advance would be a pencil sketch of the proposed final layout and a whole lot of text files containing the spell checked text you wish to insert.

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