[Scribus] Several reasons why columns will stay per frame in Scribus; was: Why do?

Wesley T Allen wezlo
Wed Jul 26 04:42:07 CEST 2006

> Whoa, Andreas, no need to get rude now and turn this into a shouting
> match.  Be constructive, offer some alternatives, if you think of them
> and let's all put our heads together to figure out what will make
> Scribus even better than it is now!  No matter which side of the fence
> you're on here, the discussion has been worthwhile.

I don't think you understand. It's NOT been worthwhile - most folks still 
don't even know what you're talking about and the rest don't care because 
you've ticked them off.

I've been on this list for the last several years and have never seen anything 
like I have in the past couple of days.  Usually people post comments or 
requests and the devs ask that we file a feature request or a bug report.  
Several times I've make posts about bugs and have gotten awesome responses 
with workarounds and personal e-mails letting me know when the cvs had the 
issue fixed.  When I've had questions, they've answered them.  When I've had 
problems figuring out features, the gang on IRC has been about the most 
gracious I've ever experienced in any open source project.  When I presented 
on Scribus at my LUG one of the key "pluses" for it was the community 
support, because it's been awesome.

The last several days I've read your posts and with each one I find myself 
wondering why you think your tone has been helpful at all.  More than that, I 
looked up some of your posts on other mailing lists and there's a completely 
different tone on them - why the "guns ablazin" attitude here?

> Pat

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