[Scribus] It's what people don't tell you... (WAS: Re: Why do?)

BandiPat magicpage91
Wed Jul 26 02:23:02 CEST 2006

Jean Ghali wrote:
> Ed Keith-2 wrote:
>> You don't? You write books in Quark. I thought Scribus
>> was intended to compete with Quark?
>> I have only used it for fliers so far, but I thought
>> the goal was to make it good for books.
>>    -EdK
> Hmm, there is a difference between writing a book and performing it's
> layout... Quark and Scribus are layout tools, they are not word processor!!!
Guys, don't get the book thing stuck in your head, it's not the point I
believe Allen was trying to make.  Scribus is designed to do
typesetting, page layout of which books fit into that category.  The
editing of the text included in that book layout is better done in a
text editor or word processor, which are faster forms of input, but the
ultimate goal is the layout using Scribus.  I doubt Allen and those
other guys didn't understand that.


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