[Scribus] Why do?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Jul 25 20:58:55 CEST 2006

> I guess what I'm trying to point out is that BandiPat's issues are
> real for someone (like me) new to scribus and that - for us - the
> online docs and wiki won't always help.

They are real, but for other complete beginners, and I must say that that 
number is countless, Scribus is very easy to use. I've had so many people 
tell me how easy it is to pick up..

Perhaps what might come of this discussion is a way to reconcile the 
differences between those complete beginners that do get and those that 

This, as the general open source software paradigms go, will require some work 
by those interested. Those that are not interested will simply have to wait 
until someone else has some time.

Let me say this very clearly, the Scribus team is open to any reasonable 
suggestion (given the boundaries of time, technology and our internal plans). 
We welcome discussions such as this but there are only so many hours in the 
day, luckily we are helped by many translators, wiki maintainers, general 
contributors. Please, feel more than welcome to make suggestions, in a 
clearly thought out way. Perhaps you would write up a doc and send it to us, 
write a wiki article, perhaps and with some diagrams. This isn't required for 
all requests, but it seems there are many thoughts involved with this 
particular discussion and those that have the ideas should get them down in a 
communicable fashion.

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