[Scribus] Freedomyug Tutorial Relaunch

MaHan ma_han2000
Tue Jul 25 15:25:48 CEST 2006

<quoting myself>
You could even import the whole tutorial into the
Scribus Wiki and update it there, just mention the GNU
FDL licence and the original author in its every
imported and refurbished part.
</quoting myself>

Greg, I'm beginning to fell in love with this idea
(maybe it's just too hot here in Austria). Just
importing every Freedomyug chapter as a new Wiki
article, linking them all together with a smart TOC
template, adding a new header template to each chapter
containg a note about the original author and a link
to the FDL licence would make a great start. Just
think of all those eager, numerous Scribus Wiki
volunteers who would add their valuable and wise
comments on its discussion pages:) 

I'm going to do it anyway with my Polish version
http://linux.hanski.info/static/scribus/index.html and
count on some enthusiastic support from my helpful

The olde original(not HTML-ised) version is still
available here:


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