[Scribus] Templates/Scrapbooks and relative paths

Grant Bloedow grant
Mon Jul 24 20:33:58 CEST 2006

I am trying to create a script that can generate scrapbooks and  
templates automatically from a directory of files. I'm running into  
an issue where the Scrapbook items require the full path name to the  
image in order to work properly. This works if the files remain in a  
consistent place on a hard drive. But I'd like to have the ability  
for a user to place the scrapbook folder whereever they like. This  
will affect the 'fixed' path of the .sce file.

My idea is to distribute Scrapbooks that can install on any platform.  
For now, it looks like Windows will require "C:\Program Files\Scribus 
\Scrapbooks\my directories\", MacOSX will require "/Applications/ 
Scribus.app/Scrapbooks/" or placing them in another common place.

Any suggestions?

Grant Bloedow
IS/IT Manager - Ace Label Systems, Inc.
grant at acelabel.com

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