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avox avox
Mon Jul 24 19:19:51 CEST 2006

Allen-16 wrote:
> Open Office has three short (~200 pages) on how to use Writer or the 
> Suite. I got two of them *after* I had done a book block with just the 
> internal help and poking around.

OpenOffice also has a company backing it.

> At the moment I working on a couple of disaster recovery and business 
> continuity planning books, which is why I was looking into Scribus. I 
> hadn't planned on spending the next year diverted into documenting 
> Scribus. I just dipped into the list to see if any clues were available 
> in the chatter like there is in most lists. Not much, and since I 
> haven't been able to get far enough to understand what questions I 
> should be asking I got diverted by what I saw on the list. Frankly, I'm 
> quite disappointed at the disconnect between the people developing the 
> program - or at least those on this list who seem to represent the 
> developer's view - and the potential end users. 

I think you got a wrong impression there. We usually get along very fine
with our users and take up suggestions very fast when they make sense.
A lot of users also visit us on #scribus to ask questions and get instant

> A much simpler program 
> that only did 10% of what Scribus is supposed to be able to do that was 
> actually usable by newbies would be better than what Scribus appears to 
> be today. If the 10% was actually in use by thousands and thousands of 
> users that would be a great base to build on. As it is, it's a turn-off.

Hm, some clarification needed here. Scribus is on open source program.
It is not developed to get a great market share or to produce revenue,
but only because a) it's fun and b) developers would like to see the 
features they program in Scribus. 

If you want to have a 10% application for newbies, buy one or program
one yourself. We get most satisfaction in programming features which
are demanded by DTP professionals: printshop ready PS/PDF export,
color management, transparency, microtypography, ... stuff like that.
And many DTP professionals use Scribus and support us. BTW, except
for the two comments by the two Craigs I've been the only developer
who participated in this discussion so far -- just in case you wonder.
I also don't have the final say on what gets implemented and what not.
All I can decide is what *I* will *not* implement :-) So if you can convince
some other developer to spend time on making Scribus newbie-ready, go

That said, I'm sorry Scribus isn't the right program for you. For other
it is. Others spent time to play with Scribus and give feedback because 
they hope Scribus will develop into the right program for them (and in that
influence the direction Scribus is taking).

Just don't tell us we are programming the wrong application. Open source
does not work that way.

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