[Scribus] RE : Xara

frank gaude' tanzen
Mon Jul 24 18:22:58 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> frank gaude' wrote:
>> and finally after nearly 20 years to Xara Xtreme. 
>> Soon it'll be full-featured in Linux, more so than presently in Windows.  
> I find Xara very interesting, not the least because of some of the 
> interesting things it does with sliders -- very intuitive and very powerful.
I echo your feelings, Greg. The Xara folks see things in a different way 
compared to most other design programs. They already know this. <smile>

Nothing is intuitive until we have used, learned a program; then, all 
else seems out-of-wack, non-intuitive.

Now, trusting all this will be good for the OSS community, while still 
being good for Windows, Unix, and Mac.


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