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BandiPat magicpage91
Sun Jul 23 21:22:14 CEST 2006

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> [...]
> Pat,
> it is one thing to ask questions and to discuss things, it's another to scream 
> and shout instead. That was the reason for my critcism. Compare "Wouldn't it 
> be better ..." to "Where the heck ..." or "I don't understand ... " to "This 
> is silly ...".
> As far as I can tell, the wizards are very serious about usability, and if 
> there are any issues, they need to be discussed, albeit in a civilised 
> manner. Your suggestion of opening the properties palette on start up sounds 
> reasonable to me. This a matter to be discussed. 
> As for the rest, the learning curve for scribus is as flat as it can be for a 
> DTP program. Serious DTP isn't trivial, and most of the difficulties for 
> newbies arise from the general requirements, not from any software. Your 
> questions/objections regarding columns are a good example: A serious DTP 
> application will give full control to the user, not provide auto features 
> everywhere. Newbies will have to learn to "think frames", i.e. a very basic 
> concept. This issue exists independent of the used software. In any case, 
> people who want to use a DTP program will have to read a bit. I got the 
> impression that you expect users to understand a piece of software without 
> reading one single sentence of documentation. That's unrealistic! If you 
> replace QuarkXPress with InDesign on the desktop of an expierenced Quark 
> user, he won't succeed without some instructions. The same goes for Scribus. 
>> regards,
>> Pat
> Cheers,
> Christoph

I don't recall screaming or shouting at any point, but let's not beat a
dead horse.  On your last paragraph, I completely disagree with you! 
The learning curve for a new user will be steep in learning *all* the
features a DTP program has to offer, but, shouldn't it be possible to
use it productively the moment it opens on the screen?  Yes and without
reading reams of paper or internet wiki sites!  You have apparently not
used such programs, so seem to have a lack of understanding where I'm
coming from on this, but they do exist and Scribus should be one of
them.  I do expect users to be able to use a piece of software without
reading a single piece of documentation!  It's not unrealistic at all,
I've experienced it as you'll find some here have also.  It's not an
impossible task.  If a user is vaguely familar with the OS, several
programs, including a word processor, then they should be able to use a
DTP program from the get go.  Not access the many features it offers,
that would be unrealistic, I agree, without reading a bit, but use it
productively, yes, sure!

You've gotten lost somewhere in the complexity of Unix, Linux or Windows
sometime and I think lack the experience or insight into "easy"
programs.  They're not impossible nor non-existent, really!


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