[Scribus] I'm puzzled

peterd pral
Sat Jul 22 00:49:24 CEST 2006

The key to line spacing (leading) when using different point sizes is;

A) Use the body (story) text point size and leading as the 'key'.

B) Use different text frames for each of the different point sizes used 
(assuming the headings and subs are bigger - there is no need if using 
smaller point sizes).

C) Define the leading as multiplies - that is, if the body text uses a 
leading of 14points then the (bigger point size heading) leading should 
be either 28points (x2), 42points (x3) and so on.  This way everything 
will sit on the baseline.


avox wrote:
> Michael Below wrote:
>> avox schrieb:
>>> No, currently Scribus handles only one linespacing per frame, which can
>>> be
>>> auto and then should adapt to font sizes.
>>> 1.3.4 will (hopefully) support linespacing per paragraph.
>> AFAIK this is already possible, using paragraph styles. But I can't 
>> check this right now.
> Ah yes, true. 1.3.4 will support direct paragraph formatting without
> the need to define a new paragraph style.
> There are no plans do control linespacing on a line-by-line basis though,
> since reflowing text would yield unexpected results.  Unless someone has
> a compelling idea... :-)
> /Andreas

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