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Plinnell mrdocs
Sat Jul 15 22:37:31 CEST 2006

On Saturday 15 July 2006 20:12, Michael J Millett wrote:
> I am a new user of Scribus Aqua for Mac (System 10.3.9),
> and am having trouble with a few things for which I request some
> help. The documentation seems to be for a different version.

It mostly for 1.2.x stable 1.3.x is development and lots of things are 
> 1.  Scribus will not import EPS or PDF into a file. The only file
> I've been able to get it to import into a graphics box is JPEG. As
> best I can tell, Ghostscript is installed correctly and is
> correctly pointed to in External Tools."  Nevertheless, here are
> the contents of my
> folders:
> :~/Library/Frameworks] michaelm% ls
> Fontconfig2.framework   libjpeg.framework       printafm.1
> Freetype.framework      liblcms.framework       ps2ascii.1
> Ghostscript.framework   libpng.framework        ps2epsi.1
> Qt.framework            libtiff.framework       ps2pdf.1
> eps2eps.1               pdf2dsc.1               ps2pdfwr.1
> font2c.1                pdf2ps.1                ps2ps.1
> gdevdsp.h               pdfopt.1                wftopfa.1
> libart.framework        pf2afm.1
> libexpat.framework      pfbtopfa.1
> and . . .
> ~/Library/Frameworks/Ghostscript.framework] michaelm% ls
> Ghostscript     Resources       bin             man
> Headers         Versions        doc
> and . . .
> Computer:Frameworks/Ghostscript.framework/bin] michaelm% ls
> gs_init.ps      gsc
> As far as I know, I have Scribus pointed to Ghostscript properly in
> the preferences (External Tools):
> /Users/michaelm/Library/Frameworks/Ghostscript.framework/Versions/8
>.54/ bin/gsc
> 2.  I have not been able to get columns to work. I found the
> columns setting in Page/Manage Guides, but the settings I have
> entered have been ignored whether I click on Update or OK.
> 3.  Clicking on Style/Font results in nothing to click on. I can
> select fonts from the StoryEditor, but even then, not all the fonts
> in my system are made available.
> 4.  At one point, Scribus griped that it could not find GIMP. A
> search of GIMP on my system turns up 18 items. So, not being a
> programmer, I do not know which to point Scribus to.
http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=settings13 has MacOSX 
specific hints for Ghostscript and GIMP. 

> 5.  I have not been able to find where to adjust kerning. I see it
> in the documentation, but it doesn't seem to be found in the same
> location in the version of Scribus I have.
The docs are based on 1.2.x and many UI bits have changed in 1.3.x. I 
am now updating more docs for 1.3 specific things, but some parts of 
the UI will change again in 1.3.x. 
> Thank you ahead of time for any help provided.
> Michael

Immediate help is always available on IRC. 

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