[Scribus] Question regarding color management

Matthias Schmitt freak002
Fri Jul 14 13:52:44 CEST 2006


thank you for your answer.

> 1. If at all possible, upgrade to 1.3.2+ which has vastly better
> handling of CMYK colors.

I would like to, but let me repeat a line from the release notes of  
the current OS X Development version (

"- CMYK colors are wrong"  (http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=2015)

So I guess my problem would be even worse.

> 2. Adobe RGB is not a valid monitor profile. A monitor profile is
> specific to your monitor. You can a create rough one with the color
> sync control panel in OSX. It will not be as accurate as a one
> generated with a color meter, but will help show gross defects and
> color shifts.

I tried that one, but it does not make any difference, at least not a  
difference my eyes can see.

Matthias Schmitt

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