[Scribus] nasty quality when printing on my homeprinter

Peter Lesterhuis peterlesterhuis
Fri Jul 14 13:39:51 CEST 2006

> Hi,
> > Another question concerning Scribus (lazily waiting for a fresh
> > FC5-rpm update).
> > When I print the document I edited in Scribus on my home-printer
> > everything comes out as expected, except the title. The curves of the
> > fonts are not neat and smooth, but "hairy". The title has been created
> > in the Gimp and consists of big fonts (60 pt) with a perspective shadow.
> > I saved it as title.png and then imported it as a picture in Scribus. On
> > the screen it looks perfect.
> > When I create the title in a text frame in Scribus (same font, same
> > size, but no perspective shadow) it prints very well!
> > How can I create a title in the Gimp and import it in Scribus without
> > loss of (printable) quality?
> Hoi Peter,
> Probably you have created your image with GIMP's default resolution (72 dpi) 
> which is enough for web and screen but not enough for printing. Try to 
> re-create the title with at least 200 dpi (300 dpi is the standard for 
> professional printing)
> HTH,
> Christoph
Hi Christoph,
Thank you for your answer. You are right: creating the title with a 
resolution of 300 dpi gives a good result when printing.

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