[Scribus] Setting a thesis in Scribus (ver. dev)

Nik scribus
Thu Jul 13 08:52:06 CEST 2006

Hi Christoph,

I think we agree on more than we disagree, however I've responded to a 
couple of individual points below.

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2006 02:06 schrieb Nik:
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>>>Nik-4 wrote:
>>>>Hi Marek,
>>>>I don't actually agree with a previous post that Scribus is not the
>>>>appropriate tool for you.
>>I still stand by this - particularly in light of the features coming in
> Nik, how can you recommend a software based on features that are yet to come?

My comment was written in the context of a previous post pointing out 
that 1.3 could shortly replace 1.2 as the stable release - before 1.4 is 
available. My original post had actually referred explicitly to 1.2 as 
opposed to 1.3.

> Maybe you haven't written a larger scientific piece of 
> work in your life. I have, an 800 page Ph.D. thesis, so I think I have at 
> least an idea of what is required here.

I'm certainly not questioning your experience on this. The largest 
document I've formatted with Scribus is 80 pages, so I bow to your 
greater experience on that point.

I find the ability of scribus to assemble a larger document out of 
multiple component documents makes the workflow very scalable, and I was 
trying to explain to Marek what style of workflow would work best with 
scribus. And as I said in the main point of my most recent post, from 
what little I've seen (based on your earlier recommendation), LyX does 
seem to be a good tool for this type of work.

> Add the issues with huge amounts of text in 
> a file (issues to be solved on the way to 1.4)

Ok - I was not aware of those, as they haven't affected my work (that 
I've noticed anyway).

If scribus currently has issues with documents the size of a thesis, 
then that would rule it out, even if the feature set was complete.

Thanks for your feedback - and for sharing your experiences. I, for one, 
will be evaluating LyX for more structured documents in the very near 
future - even though I am not planning on writing a thesis any time soon :o)


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