[Scribus] Linux Format UK LGM 2006 Review

Dave dave
Tue Jul 11 17:28:55 CEST 2006

On 11/07/06, Tino Schwarze <scribus.lists at tisc.de> wrote:
> And I
> like the possibility of telling people: "You don't need an illegal
> copy of xyz, use this free program instead."

That seems to me just the same as what Nick was saying, just he wants
to tell people en mass :-)

I kinda agree with both of you - I think getting exposure in design
magazine will be neccessary and excellent for the free design desktop,
but I think money can be better spent elsewhere.

To me, advertising is paying a cash premium for yourself to write just
what you want shown in someone else's publication, while PR is paying
a little in time & effort towards persuation for a journalist to write
what they like about you in their publication.

So if you want to publish glowing 'Ready for the big time!' messages
in a design magazine before this is really the case, advertising is
the way to go. But when it is really the case, journalists won't need
much persuation! :-)


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