[Scribus] Story Editor

Russbucket russbucket
Mon Jul 10 22:10:56 CEST 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 12:36, Pedrie Roberts wrote:
> Pedrie:
> Thanks for all who answered about downloading and installing for Ubuntu,
> esp. Mr Jordan, who knows what he's doing AND how to explain it.
> My biggest frustration with Scribus is Story Editor, which i.m.o. is quite
> useless for editing and maybe Scribus' weakest feature. And you can't use
> another editor, because it seems you can't paste into Story Editor. Any
> hope of at least wysiwig? (I'm not just negative; I think Scirbus in
> general is absolutely fantastic.)
I di not follow your original thread but you can paste into the story editor. 
I just pasted the contents of your post there.

I di a Edit copy of the text, then went to Scribus (version, SUSE 
10.0), created a text box and then did ctrl V (paste). Note edit paste will 
not work in the story editor (it's greyed out). You will still need to format 
text or make styles to format it. The above method does not carry over the 

Hope this helps you.

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