[Scribus] Scripting -- is this possible?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Jul 5 20:07:12 CEST 2006

Dan Fink wrote:
> I'm laying out a technical book on small wind turbines in scribus.
> There's a very dynamic thing that happens when small turbines furl out
> of the wind, and it's difficult to understand -- so we had the crazy
> idea of making a 'flip book' movie in the lower right hand corner...flip
> through the pages and watch the turbine furl.
> It seems to me I can -- extract frames from the video and sequentially
> number the photo files. Insert an image frame at the lower right hand
> corner of every right hand page, on the master page R. Write the script
> to increment the filename, and insert the image in the frame, then go to
> the next righthand page.
> Seems to me all the commands to do this are in the scripter. Any
> thoughts?
Yes, Dan...
Easier than you might think. Check out this wiki page:
You will want to adjust the script for the size and location of your 
frame, and of course only one picture per page. This script works by 
taking every image from your selected directory, so you will want to use 
an empty directory for your images.
You don't need the various labels, so these parts can be omitted. The 
way this is written, it will create successive pages, but what you might 
do would be to run the script first, then create new lefthand pages in 
between. Alternatively, the script could add lefthand blank pages as you go.


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