[Scribus] Export to image, font maximum

Le Tigre scribus
Tue Jul 4 14:59:56 CEST 2006

Frank Cox a ?crit :
> On Mon, 03 Jul 2006 00:16:55 +0200
> Martin Costabel <costabel at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
>>1. You are using a lower resolution for your images, 72 dpi vs 115 dpi.
> 72 dpi is supposed to be the optimal resolution for "display" images.  Though I
> suppose there would be no harm in cranking that up a bit.
>>2. You are displaying your images at a zoom of 133%, "WIDTH=816 
>>HEIGHT=1056" for an image of 612x792 pixels. At 100%, the text looks 
>>small, but OK.
> Now that is interesting.  I create that page using OpenOffice; I wonder why OO
> would decide to zoom the image.
Did you try to open your PDF in Gimp? That's what I'm doing, and it 
works fine. You have to choose some good options (eg resolution 250 dpi, 
and then you reduce to 72 dpi and to the size you want).

See that image: http://www.le-tigre.net/IMG/jpg/une_grande.jpg A page 
made by Scribus, then PDF, then import to Gimp.
The only problem is if you have many pages: you have to make many pdf, 
in order to be able to open them in gimp.


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