[Scribus] Export to image, font maximum

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Jul 3 00:16:55 CEST 2006

Frank Cox wrote:
> Two separate questions:
> Is there any way to get a "good" image output from Scribus to post on a web
> page?
> I post my flyer online every month here:
> http://theatre.sasktelwebsite.net/playing.htm
> As you can see, the graphics look fine but the text doesn't.  

Looking at your web page and comparing it with the other frank's page, I 
see two things that you could change:

1. You are using a lower resolution for your images, 72 dpi vs 115 dpi.

2. You are displaying your images at a zoom of 133%, "WIDTH=816 
HEIGHT=1056" for an image of 612x792 pixels. At 100%, the text looks 
small, but OK.


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