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Kurt Lhotzky k_lhotzky
Sat Jul 1 16:57:23 CEST 2006

Hi Marcel,
  I have the same problem and found no solution, but a trick to surmount it:
  start Scribus and run any script (I propose: font sample). When it starts, you can cancel it - it doesn't matter. Afterwards, all functions work fine. It's not the elegant way, but functionally!
  P.S.: It ssems to be a bug in Dapper!

"Marcel A. W. Spitau" <marcel at spitau.de> schrieb:
  Hi guys,

I have had scribus running on ubuntu breezy, an right now on dapper drake. But 
I cannot work in a proper way with it, because of following strange behavior:

If I open an Area (text OR image) and I try to change the size in the dialog 
by typing numbers. I always get a size about 0.353. If I try to change 
postion, the same happens, but this time with 0. I am not able to change size 
an position exactly. 

I tried it with the version coming with ubuntu.
With the version coming with http://debian.tagancha.org/debian
AND compiled the 1.3.3

Every Version does have this problem!

I am getting mad about that!

Does anybody knows whats wrong?

If the problem is known, I love to see just not commented links ;)

Thanks a lot 

Marcel A. W. Spitau
Schlicksweg 12
22307 Hamburg 
Tel. +(49) 40 - 41368448

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