[Scribus] How to uniformly scale images

Benjamin Green ben
Tue Jan 31 10:00:40 CET 2006

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 08:06:35 -0000, xale (sent by Nabble.com)  
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> Hello Craig
>> Hold down Alt with or without those combinations to scale the text as  
>> well.
> Is Scribus still really targeting Linux as a primary platform?
> If yes, no alt+click should be defined by default, since it is a  
> reserved event in most window managers in the unix/linux world!

It has the same function in most window managers too, moving the current  
window. I have only found jwm that doesn't do this by default. I use KDE  
generally and have set the move window key to the "windows key" leaving  
alt free for the function used in other programs. These include Cinelerra,  
Inkscape, The GIMP and now Scribus. I am always suprised that the  
developers of these programs don't seem to have noticed the problem.  
Perhaps they have different keyboard layout by default, I use a UK keymap,  
and Meta is mapped to the left alt key by default.

The option I need to check in KDE is 'Regional & Accessibility' ->  
'Keyboard Layout' -> 'Xkb Options' and find the 'Alt/Win key behaviour'  
section and select 'Meta is mapped to the win keys'. Now Alt is Alt and  
Win is move windows. Is this set up default for most keymaps?

I am sure this should be possible using xmodmap but can't make it work on  
any WM.

Ben Green

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