[Scribus] Libertine Open Fonts releases LinuxLibertine 2.0

John Jordan johnxj
Sat Jan 28 20:01:26 CET 2006

On 28 Jan 2006, at 18:09, Christoph Sch?fer wrote:

> http://linuxlibertine.sourceforge.net/


Sehr sch?n!

You have done a tremendous job! It is beautiful! I can't wait for the 
rest of it to be finished!

I am a student of linguistics and have been looking for a good 
Unicode compliant font that is open source, attractive, and 
complete, including the typographic niceties that are necessary for 
publishing - like true small caps, ligatures, and so on. LinLibertine 
looks like it will become my favorite!

Ich habe aber ein Paar Fragen:

1) I have an OpenOffice.org Writer test document with a table 
where I listed all the characters of the IPA. I did it in a table so I 
could select just the left column where the IPA characters are 
displayed, and then apply different fonts to the row in order to see if 
a font has all the characters. When I applied LinLibertine to the left 
column some of the characters are blank (to be expected at this 
point in the development), most have the LinLibertine character, 
and others display the character but in some other font. When I 
select one of these weird characters the toolbar still says it is 
LinLibertine. But the font is a san serif that looks like a system 
font. I don't understand how this can be. If the character does not 
exist in LinLibertine it should just be blank. Either that or, if Linux 
is substituting a system font for missing characters, then it should 
have done so for the other missing characters instead of leaving 
them blank. This puzzles me.

2) I am curious why you did not make this an OpenType font so 
you could enable the automatic glyph substitution for ligatures and 
so on that is a feature planned for future releases of Scribus.

I'm going to use the font for a while to see if I find any bugs or 
problems. In the meantime, thanks for doing such a beautiful job. 
You are an artist!

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