[Scribus] Gentium font

John Jordan johnxj
Fri Jan 27 17:30:26 CET 2006

On 27 Jan 2006, at 9:56, Petr Van k wrote:

> interesting. Do you have any cases about it?
> I've found just some obscure issues like:
> http://www.uiowa.edu/~anthro/news95/careers.htm
> actually I don't care about it much but I'm always fascinated a little
> bit in these parts of civilization...

Thanks for posting that link. Now everyone can see what the issue 
is and make their own decisions.

Yes, I do personally have issues with SIL, but discussion of such 
opinions are totally off-topic, so I will not state more than that. I 
also dislike debating such issues even on lists and newsgroups 
formed for such discussions because it is pointless. We are 
dealing with religion here. No matter how eloquently I state my 
opinions I can never change anyone else's view. Such discussions 
invariably degenerate into flame wars. Therefore this is the end of 
the discussion for me, and I suggest we all drop it.

Except if someone comes up with a true, complete Unicode-
compliant IPA font that is equal to or better than Gentium and 
Charis, I'd like to hear of it -- especially if it comes in OpenType 
with various weights and true small caps, ligatures, etc., so it can 
be used for typesetting.

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