[Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.3.2 - Egalité - Open Source Page Layout

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jan 27 00:06:16 CET 2006

PLinnell wrote:
> The Scribus Team Announces 1.3.2 - Egalit?
> The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.3.2 - 
> Egalit? - Open Source Page Layout. The 1.3.2 release is the third 
> development version working towards a new stable 1.4.
> With 1.3.2, we are excited to announce the first beta of Scribus on 
> the Windows? platform.
I'm going to save this message from Peter to see how long it takes to 
get a message to the list that says something to the effect, "You mean 
Scribus can run on computers that don't have Windows?"


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