[Scribus] Tutorial reference

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Jan 26 08:25:02 CET 2006

Benjamin Green wrote:
> I got posting via the LTSP discussion list about Scribus

Interesting that the LTSP folks are looking at Scribus. Anyone 
interested in using it needs to be aware that Scribus renders the 
on-screen canvas in a way that produces accurate results, but at the 
cost of a lot of bitmap blitting. A *lot*. Using it over remote X11 is 
possible, and works ok, but will use much more bandwidth than you'd 
expect and can bog down badly at times.

Future improvements in the canvas's intelligence about what to redraw 
should help, but it's unlikely to ever be all that snappy over raw 
remote X (unless we move to some totally different canvas implementation).

Peter Linnell has found, however, that using the `NX' X11 proxy renders 
it very usable even over the Internet on a DSL line, and there's been 
discussion about NX integration in LTSP...

Craig Ringer

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