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Mark Nowiasz buckaroo
Thu Jan 26 01:43:58 CET 2006

Am Donnerstag, den 26.01.2006, 01:33 +0100 schrieb Craig Bradney:

> Don't believe that for a minute.. in many schools where I am from (Sydney), 
> many primary schools, mostly private ones, all kids will have a laptop as 
> required by the school.
> Now, if I was coding when I was 8, which I was, do you really think I wouldn't 
> know how to play around in a DTP app? 

Don't think so ? DTP is much more complex than using a editor, at least
if you do it right. You should know something about typography (like
kerning, fonts, serifs, ?), color managment and know a little bit about
the black art. DTP programs are quite specialized tools which are much
more complex than, say, a word processor. Most computer user won't ever
need to use DTP software. (To be honest, I'd be glad if more users would
know a little bit of typography ? look at Word documents *ugh*)

So why the hell teach elementary pupils the use of such a complex
application? It's like trying to teach them to fly a jet.

CD-ROMs are this decade's floppy. It's easy to share files and back up 
data with your CD-RW-equipped Mac.
CD-ROMs also make neat art when you microwave them. But you're better off 
using them for their intended purpose. 
		 -- Apple Computer

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