[Scribus] Time to defend your use of libPDF

Calum Polwart scribus
Wed Jan 25 19:56:36 CET 2006

I have been trying to sort a problem manipulating scribus pdf's with
mutlivalent where I get a slight margin between the two A5 pages when
the are tiled onto A4.

The response I get from Tom Phelpps who wrote multivalent seems to
critcise Scribus PDF's in two ways:

1. He says when it's (multivalent) scaling (actually - now that I think
of it he shouldn't be scaling, never mind!) from A4 to A5 the Horizontal
and Vertical Axis are scaled by different amounts which to me suggests
that the page isn't truely A4 or isn't truely A5... If I open a scribus
PDF it gives me page dimension - rather than A5... and they are 14.798 x
20.998 for the A5 and multivalent puts two of those on a Page that it
calls A5 and they come out at 20.988 x 29.665 which is supposed to be

Clearly there is an issue with 20.998 and 20.988 - one of them is
wrong... but who's?  Also, what about the 14.798 -- 2 x 14.798 =

So who's got the A4/A5 dimensions wrong?

2. He says the following:

"By the way, the PDF generator, Libpdf by Scribus, generates terrible
PDF.  It
is extremely inefficient and redundant, and has outright errors in the
widths and Trimbox."

But I thought Scribus were always saying that their PDF was fully
standards compliant??  What errors in the font widths? Could this be why
my Arial Font 'l' apear on screen like fat 'l's but print OK? (Don't
know what a trim box is!) 

So here is your opportunity to defend yourselves...  (You could open
with ... at least our software is opensource!)


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