[Scribus] Great Job...

Martin Costabel costabel
Wed Jan 25 08:35:36 CET 2006

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> The little extra work the software you pay for don't ask you to do:
> 2. Dowload the 2 libraries folders a little bit down the list of 
> downloadables in the same page you downloaded the Scribus 
> application. They are named Library-A and Library-B and there is a 
> note telling you what to do (and even insisting on what *not* to do!) 
> and where to put these in the Library/Framework if I remember well. 
> Anyhow, all is clear there. Just read the instructions and follow 
> them.
> 3. You also need to download Ghostscript and put the resulting folder 
> into the Library/Framework... all is clearly written. Just in case, 
> read again. There are no more than, what, 20 lines of instructions? 
> RTFM... as they say! ;-)
> 4. Launch Scribus. It works perfectly! (OK, it is slow on my slow 
> machine, but I am sure it is going to be faster on a dual G4 
> production machine... At least, I hope!!!)
> Really, compared to a Fink install under X11, and with the same OS X, 
> it is a breeze. 

Of course, if you have Fink already installed, or if you like to watch 
scribus building without going through any instructions, of if you put 
some value in having the sources of what you are installing, or if you 
want the advantages of X11, or if you just want to have the comfort of a 
package manager, there is still the Fink package. With Fink, you simply say

   fink install scribus
(for the X11 version), or

   fink install scribus-aqua

and then sit back and wait until it has finished building and installing.


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