[Scribus] type /with/ graphic problem

stu seven stu7seven
Mon Jan 23 21:17:17 CET 2006

+   I'm working with an imported graphic,
wishing to add text around this with a small
spacing... and, there are a few tools I've
found useful, but I still have a problem producing
this.  If I raise or lower either the graphic or the
text, this setting is quickly removed when I begin
entering text again, or, sometimes "pops back"

     My only option has been to repeatedly raise
or lower one of these for each new line of text, after
guessing at where it should be, and then readjusting
it next time.

     Is there any way to keep a graphic raised, and
also work in an active text frame which overlaps this...
or, some other way to accomplish this ?


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