[Scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.3.2 - Egalité - Open Source Page Layout

Le Tigre scribus
Mon Jan 23 13:54:19 CET 2006

Quoting PLinnell <mrdocs at scribus.info>:

> The Scribus Team Announces 1.3.2 - Egalit?
> The Scribus Team is pleased to announce the release of Scribus 1.3.2 -
> Egalit? - Open Source Page Layout. The 1.3.2 release is the third
> development version working towards a new stable 1.4.
> With 1.3.2, we are excited to announce the first beta of Scribus on
> the Windows? platform. With the gracious support of Trolltech AS,
> developer of the Qt C++ application framework, we are able to release
> Scribus on Windows with Qt 3.
> Within this release period:
> * We welcomed another member to the team, Jean Ghali, who performed
>  the Windows migration and developed the printing system for Windows.
> * We resolved over 290 requests and/or bugs which included:
> * Made significant progress in cleaning and restructuring the codebase
> which has lead to speed improvements, clearer code and opened the way
> forward for future 1.3.x development.
> * Preparation for the new modular file load and save system.
> * EXIF support
> * Enhancements to TIFF and PSD file format support
> * Image Effects - Tinting, Sharpening and more can be applied directly
> within Scribus.
> * Better cursor placement in text frames
> * Section based page numbering
> * Enhancements to the colour wheel and shortwords plugins
> * Enhancements to guide management
> * PDF export with viewer export options
> * Updates for both Windows and Mac OS? X compatibility
> * Significant updates to documentation, including the beginning of
> 1.3.x documentation.
> * Translation updates
> About Scribus
> Scribus is an open source page layout program with the aim of
> producing conformant commercial grade output in PDF and Postscript.,
> along with extensive support for graphical PDF form and PDF
> presentations.
> While the goals of the program are ease of use and simple easy to
> understand tools, Scribus offers support for professional publishing
> features, such as CMYK colors, easy PDF creation and Encapsulated
> Postscript import/export. Other professional features include full ICC
> color management, spot colors and creation of color separations.
> Scribus is commercially supported and is available for Linux/*nix/BSD,
> along with MacOSX(R) and Windows(R). Scribus is used around the world
> for newspaper production, book publishing and a wide variety of page
> layout tasks.
> Getting Scribus 1.3.2:
> You can:
> * Download source tarballs and document templates and some rpms from
> our Sourceforge Download page:
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=125235
> * Visit the downloads page on www.scribus.org.uk for the same.
> * Download from our Scribus Docs mirror. http://docs.scribus.net
> * For Debian and Ubuntu repositories, visit Scribus Debian Repository.
> http://debian.scribus.net
> * For MacOSX installation notes and downloads: http://aqua.scribus.net
> * For Windows installation notes and downloads:
> http://windows.scribus.net
> The Scribus Team would also like to thank Anduin.net/?verby Consulting
> for gracefully sponsoring our Scribus Documentation site, our Bug
> Tracker and Anonymous CVS server. Also, a note of thanks to
> University of Salford - School of Media, Music and Performance for
> providing continued hosting of www.scribus.net. Many thanks also to
> our translators and many end users and testers for their valuable
> feedback.

Let's say: "Bravo ? tous!"
The Win32 version is a great news I think...

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