[Scribus] 3 icons bring up Preflight Verifier dialog

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Jan 22 20:29:54 CET 2006

>Louis Desjardins wrote:
>>  In today's 1.3 CVS the icons for Preflight, Print and PDF export in
>>  the top menu bar all bring up the Preflight Verifier dialog. The
>>  other icons work fine.
>>  Is this only my own build?
>That's when the checking is done: if requested, before printing and before
>exporting. You should have "Ignore errors" button with the preflight tool from
>the print and export buttons if you really want to ignore the errors that were
>found in your document.

Aha... I get it... Thanks! Can't say it's super intuitive... but it 
might prove to be very useful in the long run. Thanks again!


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