[Scribus] do not scale the stroke width of an svg object

Laszlo khiraly123
Fri Jan 20 22:32:50 CET 2006


I wanted to build a custom 2d shape. So I have created primitives in
inkscape (rounded rectangle, rectrangle difference with a circle, etc)
and scaleing up to the prefered size in scribus (I even had a logo
in .eps format). The problem is, when I have scaled my primitive shapes
(all had 1mm stroke width), the stroke width scaled up too!
So I was unable to complete my job.

Inkscape has a capabilities to scale the stroke width with the object,
or not scale the stroke width. The button called: ,,When scalling
objects, scale the stroke width by the same proportion''

Is it possible to do the same effect in scribus?
Its really usefull to create custom shapes, and really eyecandy the

Best regards, 

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