[Scribus] Crash and export problems.

Calum Polwart scribus
Tue Jan 17 20:48:00 CET 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 20:19 +0100, Craig Bradney wrote:

> >      3. The alternative to jpegs would be pdf - in a book format (Page 1
> >         next to 40, etc.).Unfortunately, scribus does not support this -
> >         and using pdf2ps -> psbook ist not an option: I tried and gs
> >         quit after about 600 megabytes(!) of output.
> Scribus 1.3.x will support this. Scribus 1.3.2cvs already supports exporting, 
> in your case, 40 pdfs, if that is what is required by a printer.

Just to be clear - scribus 1.3.2cvs allows you to tick a box that will
export each page as a separate page.  It doesn't do any more than that
(that's not a criticism - the development team are working as fast as
they can!)  1.3.x (i.e. a version of 1.3 at some point in the future)
will natively support booklet pdfs which can be printed direct to a
print and stapled in the middle {I think that's what Craig is saying}.
But there are other reasons to look at 1.3.2 (apart from the fact its
MUCH better than 1.2.3!) - the page layouts far better support booklet
layout that the 1.2 version did...

Unlike Craig not to attach his usual - scribus don;t recommend 1.3.xcvs
for production work!! I've just completed a very simillar production to
what was described using 1.3.2cvs.  Not without hickups but the
devleopment team have been very supportive and several of the bugs I've
reported were fixed in days... but that doesn';t guarantee you wouldn't
get half way through and get stuck, and you can open a 1.3 file in

> > Well, the printer was a nice guy, used a "normal" pdf generated by
> > scribus (300dpi) and manually corrected it - but I'd like to do the work
> > myself without bothering the prnter, especially since the time factor
> > was critical this time.
> >
> > Any ideas about 2.) or 3.)?
> >
> > I'm using scribus   (FreeBSD/Gnome),
> 1.2.x will never support 3).. 

So the choices are:

1. Stick with 1.2.4 and find a way to manipulate the pdfs once they are
2. Upgrade to 1.3.2cvs and take a bit of risk you'll suddenly get the
job stuck 10 minutes before your deadline!
3. Wait till 1.3.x supports export functions you need and still live a
little dangerously that something will suddenly fall apart
4. Wait till 1.4 which will be stable but will be SEVERAL monthly
editions down the line!!

Hence I'm on 1.3.2cvs and living dangerously... (just as well my editor
doesn't know! He thinks I switched back to MS Publisher after a problem
printing a broken pdf!!)

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