[Scribus] Images in resulting pdf

KS lists04
Mon Jan 16 22:01:23 CET 2006

Asif Lodhi wrote:
> Hi,
> [KS] wrote:
>>However, after the conversion to pdf (JPEG compression of Max quality at
>>original dpi of imgages) there is a lot of black level in the images.
> IIRC, in Scribus documentation (in 1.2.1 probably), it was mentioned 
> that TIFF is the De Facto image standard for good quality output and, 
> then again, the quality of TIFF should be set higher without too much 
> compression (better not compress at all!).  Also, screen snapshots can 
> be put in in PNG format with 300 resolution.  May be you are facing 
> problems because you didn't use the recommended image formats.

Hmm...that is an interesting point. I will dig into the documentation
for the relavent part for detailed information. I used png images for
the document as those were the only ones made available to me. Getting
tiff images might be difficult as some artists don't have access to high
speed internet connections e.g someone in Australia has a dialup only
and gets images made from a photographer living in the city.

Thanks for the information though,

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