[Scribus] Delete in Text Editor = Cut ?

Calum Polwart scribus
Tue Jan 10 22:05:47 CET 2006

Ok - so I'm going to get told off for report a bug here again!  All I
want know though is: 

- Is it a bug? (in which case I'll report it)
- Is it an intended feature (in which case perhaps why?)
- Is it just me!!

When I select text in Text Editor and hit delete (either Del or
Backspace) the text is 'cut' to clipboard rather than 'properly deleted'
- it does the job but as my proof reader will usually send an email with
the "uncorrected sentence" say correct to: "a corrected sentence".  Its
much easier just to copy the corrected sentence from the email open text
editor delete the old sentence (since paste doesn't allow to paste over
the top) and paste in the new one... But I actually end up pasting in
the old sentence [My proof reader is going crazy cause I keep sending
'corrected things' that aren't fully corrected!

Sorry to abuse the list!

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