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Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Jan 7 21:53:15 CET 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-08 at 02:28 +0800, Craig Ringer wrote: 

> Calum,
> First on the matter of your PDFs. SingleDiagramNoResample.pdf and 
> SingleDiagram300Resample.pdf appear to be alright, but SingleDiagram.pdf 
> is hopelessly corrupt. This is most likely a Scribus bug.
> I have not been able to reproduce this corruption with current CVS using 
> your document. When I export it with a variety of settings it works just 
> fine. I'd really appreciate it if you could try starting with a blank 
> document and writing down each step you take to get the corrupt PDF from 
> that point.

Mmmm... that's ominous... you can import the EPS as a raster - I can't
even do that now with the 3rd January cvs!

This was going to be my reply:

OK here's how I produced the broken pdf.  And I am re-typing this and checking that the same still happens...

1. Run Scribus.
2. Create a new document (Most of my work is A5, portrait so it happens to be my default - so we'll use that)
3. Draw an Image Frame - roughly half the size of the page
4. Right click image --> Get Image, navigate to eps image  ==> when I try to reproduce this now I can't import the eps like this!  It just leaves a red cross in the box - but 'info' has the file details.
so the rest is what I did...
5. File/Export --> PDF
	Export settings: Resolution for EPS Graphics 300dpi, Compress Text & Vector, Image Settings: Compression Method JPEG, Maximum Compression Quality, dpi 75dpi

To produce the other two pdfs I changed the export settings to 300dpi (automatic I think) and Switched off the resample.

So I guess either the EPS is corrupt or however it is converted is
corrupt... Since you can import the EPS that makes it the conversion...
which from what you've said is gs.  (I've always had problems with
apparently breaking pdf's would this affect other image import types
like tiff and png, but not jpeg?

> For some EPSs, those without raster image contents, it's possible to use 
> File->Import->PS/EPS to explicitly tell Scribus to attempt to translate 
> the EPS into native vectors that can then be output to PDF.
> Calum Polwart wrote:
>  > Just quickly tested with an EPS and it works perfectly... THANK YOU.
> Great.
>  > (If I continue using the CVS download method
>  > will it always have oo.o, svg and eps import compiled in?)
> Yes. It should with snapshots too. If you still have it, I wouldn't mind 
> seeing your config.log from the snapshot build.

Assume that this is it:


BUT - this has a date of 4th January which is when I tried to install
the 24th December snapshot (I think) but vit never appeared to
install... so this may be a wild goose chase. 

>  > Now that I understand why EPS is putting the image at 72dpi (although
>  > I'd have thought it would be better if the eps -->gs import using the
>  > raster method imported at a higher resolution?) I understand  why I
>  > get a rasterised output.  So there are several questions:
>  >
>  > * Is something still broken?  presumably yes because the raster method
>  > doesn't let me print the pdf
> A corrupt PDF is not OK. If you can still produce the corrupt PDF, then 
> yes something is still broken, and I'd love your help tracking down how 
> to trigger the issue so we can look at getting it fixed.

OK so something is broken but possibly not scribus! I may re-compile gs
and see what happens 

>  > * Will collecting for output from the 3rd January CVS result in any
>  > difference from the December version? (its here:
>  > 
> http://wittongilbert.free-online.co.uk/scribus-debug/SingleDiagram.sla.gz  )
> No. As it happens I don't particularly need a collected version now that 
> I have the other information you put together. What you uploaded isn't 
> what I was looking for either. "Collect for output" produces a directory 
> full of all the files used in the project, which you can then zip or tar 
> up and send off. It doesn't embed everything into the .sla file.

That's all it produced... but there were no fonts etc - so the only
thing would be the image which I assume since it is rasterised would be
in the sla file?

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