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Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Jan 7 12:22:16 CET 2006

On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 15:24 +0800, Craig Ringer wrote:

> Calum Polwart wrote:
> > Now for a possibly dumb question (I like dumb questions!) - I don't 
> > actually have a proper Post Script Printer on my machine (or network or 
> > anywhere) -- I have a HP InkJet which uses some translation process I 
> > read about ages ago to accept PS files but it doesn't understand PS 
> > itsself.  I also have a Samsung SCX4100 laser printer - it uses a 
> > samsung hybrid of PS, but if you actually send raw PS to it - it falls 
> > over...  ...So the question really is - does GS or Scribus require a 
> > 'proper' postscript print driver?
> Yes, preferably a PostScript 3 capable printer with an Adobe PostScript 
> RIP. If you have something else, it can use gs to convert its output to 
> an older PostScript version that might work, but with your printers it 
> sounds like you'd be lucky.

OK - lets back track a second... ...I can print PDFs etc normally -- the
CUPS system takes the job and converts its output to whatever the
printer understands.  That works.

Just years and years ago when I first used gs on windows (this would
have been version 4 or 5 probably!) I seem to recall I had to create a
ps file for it to then convert to pdf.  Since my windows printers didn't
know what ps was I had to install a ps printer - for which I used a HP
Colour Laser and set it to print to file. (The printer never actually
existed - I just used its driver).  So what I'm saying is would gs or
scribus use the supposedly (but not truely) ps driver for my laser to
create the ps-file... or do they not do that? 

> However, if you're using CUPS, it should hopefully have filters that can 
> convert proper PostScript to something your printers can understand. If 
> not, and if you have problems, you may be able to print a PDF from 
> Acrobat with success. I don't use printers with anything but Adobe PS3 
> support, so I have little direct experience with such problems.

Yes I think that's what CUPS is doing.

> > Coudl this be the downfall I've been having all along with documents
>  > refusing to print/open in pdf?
> Print, maybe. Open, no.

So that sounds like you are saying that scribus doesn't access my "post
script" driver - but does gs?  If gs is converting the EPS to raster
then that may be the problem?

> I'll check out the files you provided and see if I can tell what's going on.

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