[Scribus] Text bug?

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Fri Jan 6 09:03:27 CET 2006

I have a label sheet for "Squirmies", 10 labels on a single page.

When I first load the Squirmies file, all 10 "Squir" boxes say "Squir".

When I click on one of the "Squir" boxes and select "edit text", then all of
the "Squir" boxes turn into "Squirmies".  The "edit text" window says
"Squirmies" as well.

It's supposed to say "Squirmies", of course, but somehow it doesn't seem to
stick between loads of the file.  If I print the Squirmies file without going
through the select and edit text step, all I get on my printout is "Squir".

This is not a new problem with; it existed with the previous version

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