[Scribus] How to update a link?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Jan 3 02:57:39 CET 2006

>>David Christian Berg wrote:
>>>Hey guys!
>>>I just switched to the newest Debian CVS version and must say that it
>>>does improve my workflow quite a bit over the old 1.3.
>>>Now I got a problem, though: I created a couple of files on my desktop
>>>and linked an image into them... when I move my files somewhere else,
>>>the image is no longer available, because it's relatively linked, as I
>>>This is pretty nifty, when I have everything in one folder, but how can
>>>I create absolute links out of my relative ones?
I think, getting back to David's own real-world example, there are two 

1. Locating files (images, or others) by relative paths. I've written 
some Perl programs that after the fact, realized I should have used 
absolute rather than relative paths -- all it took was to move the 
program, and it broke. Even when you don't move things, it's /very/ 
confusing (and visually ugly) to have a file shown as something like 

2. Locking properties (but not the contents). It depends on how much 
real-world need there is for this...might be very limited. If absolute 
paths had been used in David's case, this would not be an issue. I have 
had times when I had wished I could have copied properties from one 
frame to another.


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