[Scribus] Colour separations and line screen

Peter Nermander m8130
Tue Feb 28 12:26:53 CET 2006

> What am I missing?  We appearently can't get decent colour on this press
> until we get these dots at the proper angles and frequency and I don't see
> any option to set that except under the PDF export function.

You are trying to do this in the wrong step.

When printing to postscript the output is not rasterized, each pixel in an image
becomes a pixel in the output file. A RIP will take such a file and turn it into
rasterized bitmaps to print the plates with.

The printer should have a RIP that is suitable for the press, just find out what
input file format that RIP takes.

You can not use the driver for your desktop printer to create suitable files.
Your desktop printer most likely has its own built in "RIP", so the computer
sends it postscript and the printer itself turns it into rasterized bitmaps

Note that the bitmaps output from a RIP becomes HUGE so unless you really have a
very good reson it is best to let this part be handled by the printer.


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