[Scribus] Scribus slow in Ubuntu (follow up)

me at guybouchard.ca me
Mon Feb 27 00:39:15 CET 2006

Oleksandr Moskalenko said:

Please try the same document in the same environment with Scribus  
1.3.x. See
http://debian.scribus.net for information on how to get a Ubuntu  
Breezy (5.10)
"scribus-cvs" package.


I tried Scribus 1.3.x on a fresh install of Ubuntu 5.10.

Same problem as on Ubuntu 5.10.

My 10-12 pages document took 3-4 minutes loading.

I tried with IceWm instead of Gnome.

Same problem.

It seem to me (on my Thinkpad T21) that Scribus and Ubuntu are not  
working properly together (on my computer). I don't know what to do  
more about it.

I tried Scribus on 4-5 Linux distributions in the past 2 weeks and it  
was smooth and fast on all but Ubuntu. It is sad since i really like  
Ubuntu / Gnome.

I will go back to SimplyMepis.

Thanks for helping!

Guy Bouchard
35 du Bel-Air
Matane, QC

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