[Scribus] Landscape printing comes out backward

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Sun Feb 26 04:32:19 CET 2006

When you layout a page in landscape, the top of the page should be on the left
at 0", but when you print the page, 17" or right side comes out of the printer
first making it the top of the printed page. So 17" is top of page and 0" is
bottom. When you print in portrait, 0" is the top and it comes out of the
printer first. So a person would think 0" should come out of the printer first
on landscape.

This matters because we print on 12x18 plates.  It makes a difference where
image starts and ends so we end up with right spacing for our plate punch.

We can do the plate layouts to match what Scribus actually does, but is there a
reason why it does landscape "backward" this way?

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