[Scribus] Booklet print SOLVED

John R. Culleton john
Fri Feb 24 15:26:13 CET 2006

On Friday 24 February 2006 03:53, Wolfgang Dobler wrote:
> Asif Lodhi writes:
>  > > If somebody tells me that this would be interesting for the
>  > > Scribus+booklet wiki, I can insert a pointer there.
>  >
>  > Please do.
> OK, done:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/How_to_make_a_booklet#Method_A.27:_using_
> Please scrutinize and improve.
> W o l f g a n g

I print booklets in two formats using different techniques. In the
first I need to produce a fullsize 8.5 x 11inch booklet on tabloid
paper. After creating a PostScript file I run the following two
scripts. Note that my laser is non-duplexing so I have to fake
that capability:

psbook $1.ps $1b.ps
echo 'psnup'
psnup -2 -ptabloid -Pletter $1b.ps $1p.ps
echo 'psselect'
psselect -o   $1p.ps $1o.ps
psselect -e -r  $1p.ps $1e.ps
and then:
lpr $1o.ps
echo 'switch paper'
read x
lpr $1e.ps
#rm $1p.ps $1e.ps $1o.ps $1b.ps

For the second job I need to produce a fullsize pdf for online
use, and a half-page booklet for printing out. The Context
variant of TeX provides a conditional compile feature based on a
command line switch. Here is an extract from the head of the



The \papersize statement puts half size pages on lettersize

If someday Scribus could have  functionality similar to that
indicated in \setuparranging above that would be useful. 

Later I have to divide the output into evens and odds as in the
first example. 

Just FYI

John Culleton

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