[Scribus] installing scribus on mac os

Kevin Walzer sw
Thu Feb 23 18:03:01 CET 2006

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> Someone has handed us an installer script but I'm not sure where its up to in 
> terms of who is now maintaining it.
> Of course, donating a faster Mac to Andreas might also help things along 
> too. :)
> Craig

I have tested a solution that may allow Andreas to package up standalone
builds of the Scribus app bundle and all libraries without having to run
otool -L on all the frameworks (which can be tedious).

First, Andreas (or whoever does the builds) should install an
appropriate version of py2app (look under "Mac OS X 10.3/stock Python
2.3.0", it will work for both Panther and Tiger) from this site:


py2app is a tool, developed by Bob Ippolito, that converts Python
scripts into standalone Mac app bundles. It has a component called
"macho_standalone" that will scan the library dependencies of an app
bundle and rewrite all the macho-o headers of the libraries so that they
are visible to the application executable inside the app bundle: it
basically runs otool -L in a batch fashion, automagically.
macho_standalone is installed in /usr/local/bin.

After moving the frameworks inside the Scribus app bundle and running
macho_standalone on the app bundle, I then tried to start Scribus. If it
didn't see the frameworks, it would crash or bounce on the dock and then
exit. But Scribus started right up, indicating that it saw all the

This changes where Scribus looks for Ghostscript: hard-coding the path
in the preferences like this seems to work:


The shell script, based on where I have stuff installed, below does all
this: feel free to tweak it and incorporate into a build script.

Hope this helps!--Kevin

- ---

echo "Moving Scribus libraries to app bundle..."

cd  /Applications/Scribus.app/Contents
mkdir Frameworks
cd Frameworks

mv ~/Library/Frameworks/Fontconfig2.framework Fontconfig2.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/Ghostscript.framework Ghostscript.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/Freetype.framework Freetype.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/libart.framework libart.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/libexpat.framework libexpat.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/libjpeg.framework libjpeg.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/liblcms.framework liblcms.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/libpng.framework libpng.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/libtiff.framework libtiff.framework
mv ~/Library/Frameworks/Qt.framework Qt.framework
echo "Libraries moved. Starting conversion process..."
/usr/local/bin/macho_standalone /Applications/Scribus.app
echo "Conversion done. Attempting to start Scribus..."
open -a /Applications/Scribus.app
echo "Done."
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