[Scribus] 1.3.x color management

francesco fantoni francesco
Thu Feb 23 10:27:32 CET 2006

i'm quite happily using a self-compiled version of cvs scribus 1.3 on my
amd64, even for the production of large full-color architectural plans
and presentation (up to A0), but i can't figure out how to use correctly
color management:
if i enable it, wherever color profiles combination i choose, solid
colors appear wrong.
e.g. if i make a solid brown square, it appears greenish-blu on the
screen, and if i export a RGB pdf it is blue as well, while in a CMYK
pdf appears brown as it is supposed to be.
i have all lcms and icc as it should be, and in 1.2 series i have no
problem in using color management, but in 1.3 i have to disabel it in
order to see right colors on mt monitor. what am i doing wrong ?
thank you all in advance for any possible help.
arch. francesco fantoni

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